1. Great Britain consists of … parts. the three; three; a three 2. It is washed by the waters of …

1. Great Britain consists of … parts. the three; three; a three 2. It is washed by the waters of …

  1. 1 four parts
    2 the Atlantic Ocean:( an Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic Ocean; the Atlantic Ocean)
    3. The Queen of Great Britain is not an absolute(the absolute; absolute; an absolute)
    4.The Tate Gallery is the main modern art museum in London ( Tate Gallery; a Tate Gallery; the Tate Gallery)
    5. The British drive on the left — hand side in their country (the British; British; a British)
    6.It is evident that people want peace (a people; the people; people)
    7.The acting was poor, but we enjoyed the music(music; a music; the music)
    8.Musicis the universal language of the world. (music; a music; the music)
    9.The Tudorshad never possessed a standing army or a police force (Tudors; a Tudors; the Tudors)
    10.Pushkin, the great Russian poet, was born in (a 1799; 1799; the 1799)
    11.Draughts are not a complicated game ( are; is; be)
    12.Scissors are a small tool with two sharp blades screwed together (am; is; are)
    13.What is his politics? — He supports the Labour Party (are; is; be)
    14.Well take a four daysholiday (four-days; a four-day; a four-days)
    15.Ill news travelsfast (travels; travel; are travelling)
    16.Bright children should start school as early as possible (childrens; children; childs)
    17.All the available data show that the revolution started in the East (datum; data; dates)
    18.They became successful busimessmen(businessman; businessmen; businessmans)
    19.This is Jane and Marys room. Janes and Marys; Janes and Mary)
    20Two hundreddelegates took part in the conference (two hundreds; the two hundred; two hundred)
    21.Spaceships, aeroplanes, computers and even an Egyptian mummy are among the many 1 of objects in the Science Museums world famous collections (thousands; thousand; the thousand)
    22.A man is 1old he feels (so as; asas; asthat)
    23.The fellow that agrees with everything you say is a fool he is getting to skin you (bothand; not onlybut; either or)
    24.Nothing needs reforming other peoples habits (soas; asthat; asas)
    25.your daughter your niece have made great progress ( asas; soas; bothand)
    26.Her eyes were largesmall. (either or; neithernor; noror)
    27.The Prime Minister arrived the capital on Monday (to; in; at)
    28.He came a two-day official visit at the invitation of the Government (with; for; on)
    29.I heard it the radio. (in; on; by)
    30.I was busy and couldnt listen the radio (to; on; for)
    31.I congratulate you the event (on; with; for)
    32.The conference began October 18 (at; in; on)
    33.You will find the news the bottom of the newspaper (at; in; on)
    34.The most important thing the present time is to get rid of the prejudice that only special officials can carry on the administration of the State (in; for; at)
    35.A glass vase is madeglass (from; out of; with)
    36.Paper is madewood-pulp (from; with; out of)
    37.What is the name of the sea England and France ? ( among; between; of)
    38.Two Italians were the plane when it crashed (on; in; by)
    39.They were business in London (with; for; on)
    40.Well go to Rome bus (by; on; in)
    41.Honesty is policy (the best; better; more better)
    42.men declare war. But it is youth that fight and die. ( oldest; older; elder)
    43.Of two evils choose the (less; little; least)
    44.Whats the news of today ? (later; latest; last)
    45.If you require information or assistance, ask at your local station. (further; farther; furthest)
    46.Actions speak than words (more louder; the loudest; louder)
    47.Hotels are becoming nowadays (more expensive; the most expensive; expensiver)
    48.The damage to the car could be , that we expected (bad; worse; the worst)
    49.That was case in his practice (the least difficult; the less difficult; the less difficulter)
    50.The sea is unknown part of our world (the most large; the largest; the most largest)1 Нравится



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